Name Apple Jelly
Contents 180g
Sales period September-Limited quantity
Storage Room temperature, cool and dark place (refrigeration is recommended)
Fruit used Domestic apples (cut fresh)

Apples, which appear in the Bible and Greek mythology, are said to have originated from southern Kazakhstan to Tajikistan, and spread to Europe and Asia from there. A fossil apple around 2,000 BC was found in Switzerland, and there is a theory that apples were already cultivated around that time.

Apple cultivation became popular in Europe in the latter half of the 16th century, and was brought to the United States in the first half of the 17th century. It is said that there are thousands of varieties in the world, and nearly 60% of the world's total production is produced in China. The second largest is the United States.

It seems that it was introduced to Japan from China, but nowadays, "Fuji", which is an improved variety of western apples introduced in the Meiji era, is most commonly cultivated. Aomori prefecture produces about 55% of the whole country, Nagano prefecture is about 20%, and these two prefectures account for about 75%.

There is a description of "Riukou or Riugou" in the book "Wamyō Ruijushō" in the middle of the Heian period, and it is thought that this was the origin of "apples".