About Us

Company Name Nature Inc.
Address 435-2 Maekawa, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa 256-0813, Japan
Established May 8, 2013
Business Description Food sales (sales of jellies and gummies made from fruits produced in Kanagawa Prefecture and Japan)
Capital stock 1 million yen
Officers Kazunari Ohsone, President and Representative Director
board member Kazuhiro Osone
board member Yoshiyuki Shimamura
Contact Us TEL:0465-20-6400


Representative greeting

I grew up in Tachibana-town, on the edge of Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. When I started this company, I had a lot of trouble, but I have received the help of many people and the support of many people. This Kanagawa / Odawara has wonderful fruits and nature. We are striving to disseminate the Kanagawa brand both domestically and internationally.

There is a customer, not the power of myself, but the power of the current employees. We will strive to grow a little and continue to be a company that makes everyone smile.

A junior high school student who started playing soccer without thinking when he was in elementary school when he was not studying. He learned about national differences in high school and a little bit about world culture abroad. In Tokyo, I was taught my knowledge as a member of society. I became a member of society and learned the importance of connecting people. By continuing to play soccer, I have met many people and have been helped.

President's Career

1979 Born in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Graduated from Maeba Elementary School
Graduated from Odawara Tachibana Junior High School
Graduated from Kochi Meitoku Gijuku Junior and Senior High School
Graduated from Kelly Business School in Brisbane, Australia
Joined Umeta Tokyo Co.
Joined Marui Foods Co.
Founded Natures Inc. and assumed Representative Director

Company history

2013 Established Natures, Inc.
Started selling processed fruit products.
Started sales of domestically produced fruit jelly.
Started sales of fruit jelly from Kanagawa Prefecture.
Started exporting to overseas.
Started sales of fruit gummies from Kanagawa Prefecture.